Large Fruit & Vegetable Box + FREE Certified Organic handmade noodles


melba & me Large Fruit & Vegetable Box contains a range of freshly picked produce.

* This box weighs approximately 10-12kg and is suitable for up to 4 people.

Apple Red x 4 Banana x 4
Oranges x 2
Red Grapes x 1 
Rockmelon x 1
Cauliflower x 1
Carrots x 4
Potato 1kg
Butternut Pumpkin x 1 Cherry Tomato 250g
Lemons x 2
Parsley bunch
Broccoli x 2

Wild Rocket 100g

Red Capsicum x 1 Celery x 1
Brussel Sprout 


With every Large Fruit & Vegetable Box, you will receive and a FREE 200g pack of our Certified Organic handmade noodles.

*Box ingredient selection may vary due to availability or seasonality

*During this period, box contents may change last minute